sfmultimedia :: mini-portfolio

A lot of my work is proprietary and/or designed for display through non-web channels (e.g., museum kiosks).
Here are a few items I can show.


A listing of many of the games I've worked on, most of which are available online. Please see my games page.





Red Hill Studios off-site

My former employer, an educational software company, specializing in educational games, museum exhibits and textbook collateral. The initial design concept was a collaboration between myself and Art Director Peter Babakitis. I then did principal Flash development, eventually handing off the work to junior programmers for completion.

Red Hill Studios

Exploring Time off-site

Collateral to the Discovery Science documentary, this site carries on the exploration into scales of time beyond human perception. This site won an "Education Standard of Excellence" award from the Web Marketing Association's 2007 WebAwards. In particular, take a look at the mosh pit (co-written with my friend and colleague Roger Crist)!

This was a real collaboration between many talented people. My role was Lead Flash Developer.

Exploring Time

Museum Exhibits

The following are museum pieces. For contractual reasons, I can't make the full applications viewable, but I've included some screen shots.

Amazon Mural

This joystick controlled exhibit sits at the Miami Museum of Science as part of the "Vicious Fishes and Other Riches" exhibit. I did the Flash development for Red Hill Studios, using Zinc for communication with the joystick. The artist was Ray Troll.

Miami Science Mural


Coming soon...

Actionscript Salons

A set of tutorials designed to help users hone their skills at Actionscript, the coding language built into Adobe Flash. Please see the AS Salon home page.