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Actionscript Salon #6: What's New in Actionscript 2.0

This month at the Actionscript Salon guest presenter Luke Bayes, co-author of "The Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer Study Guide," ran down some of the many new features of Actionscript 2.0, with particular emphasis on the new, more robust OOP model.

Relevance/availability: This material specifically relates to Actionscript 2.

Presentation slides (swf)

Custom classes and Class constructor. Demonstrates code for creating a new instance of a custom class. Also shows the difference between copying a primitive data type (e.g., a number or astring) and a complex data type (such as a class).

Download the fla and associated .as files (Zip 6k)

Button. How to build in _up, _over and _down states in a movieclip to make it behave like a button..

Download the fla (Zip 6k)

XML memory leak. A great tip! Luke demonstrated that the standard approved method of loading XML creates a memory leak. Here's the workaround.

Download the .as file (1k)

Also, here are two pages describing more completely the features in Flash MX 2004 and 2004 Pro.

New in MX04 and MX04 Pro

New in Pro Only