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Actionscript Salon #2: Getting Cozy with Variables & Arrays

Variables are a cornerstone element of programming: the ability go beyond gotoAndStop (10) or gotoAndStop (20), replacing the hard-and-fast with the loose and case-specific. Think gotoAndStop (anywhere!).

Arrays take the variable concept further, organizing sets of variables into useful, numerical lists which can be ordered, sorted, and looped-through.

This is a great beginner concept, guaranteed to move you past a linear world!

Relevance/availability: Because this material is very fundamental in nature, this presentation is probably as relevant now as it ever was. The files are written in Flash MX (Player 6) and the code is Actionscript 1.

Presentation slides (swf)

Teddybear Tune Time .fla (5.3Mb)

Teddybear Tune Time .swf (79k)

Teddybear Tune Time .as only (4k)

SimpleSimon .fla (this is a simpler version of Teddybear Tune Time, reduced to just the essentials - 61k)

SimpleSimon .swf (4k)


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