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Actionscript Salon #14: Play(!)

There is a schism in the Flash world.

Designers want to lay all their animations out on the timeline.

Developers (and particularly developers coming from outside Flash) want everything in predictable places - often in just a few frames, or maybe only one.

As a developer, I'm expected to fall into the latter category (and to a large extent I do). But Flash's multiple timelines are a powerful feature, and getting a handle on when to let the play head run loose is something every developer should know.

So if you're ready, let's PLAY(!)

Relevance/availability: This material was developed in Flash MX 2004 (Flash Player 7), but is very conceptual in nature. The concepts are relevant to any version of Flash.

Presentation slides (swf)


The buttons in this example allow you to shuttle a timeline forwards and backwards.

Download the .fla (zip 157k)

Fast and Slo-Mo

Here the buttons allow you to skip frames, thereby speeding up a MovieClip, or "double-up" thereby slowing the MovieClip down.

Download the .fla (zip 154k)

Download everything (zip 260k)