Actionscript Salon #11: Remoting for Clients: What the Real World Wants to See

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Flash Remoting

This month, special guest speaker Marcus J. Dickinson, a Canadian Web Application Developer (fresh from his presentation at FlashForward SF 2004) will join us to discuss Remoting and practical business applications.

Flash Remoting provides a simple interface for bridging data between Flash and server-side technologies such as ColdFusion, .NET, and Java. This interface vastly simplifies the development of Rich Internet Applications.

We’ll open this salon by discussing the Remoting component architecture. We’ll cover where to begin and how to map it out, and then take a bash at building a small application ourselves. Along the way, we’ll discuss some common development pitfalls. Finally, Marcus will showcase some of the cutting edge Remoting applications which Innovasium, where he works as Web Application Developer, has been developing.

Notes (html) This file contains Marcus' "remoting in 10 minutes" tutorial, which covers most of the important elements of the session. Unfortunately, the original Salon slides have been "misplaced." Marcus apologizes for the inconvenience.

Notes in MS Word format (.doc 47k)

This month's example is a slideshow presentation built using Remoting. Use these files to follow the notes above.

Download the .zip file (Zip 201k)