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Actionscript Salon #1: Functions & Prototypes

Functions are a basic piece of programming and a must for the beginning Actionscripter. They reduce the quantity of your code by making blocks of it re-usable, and increase quality by making it more readbable and more flexible.

In Actionscript 1 - before true Class files became available in AS2 - 'prototype' was the essential keyword for building classes.

This salon has information still useful for the beginner trying to get his/her head around the introductory concept of functions, and possibly useful for more advanced developers who find themselves inadvertently thrust back into the AS1 world.

Relevance/availability: prototypes are an Actionscript 1 concept. If you are using Actionscript 2 or 3, this Salon will be of little value. Functions have changed structure slightly since this Salon was first given, but the information is still relevant.

Lecture notes

Presentation slides (swf)
Object hierarchy (swf)
Ease out MC function (code only)
Ease out MC prototype (code only)
Snowfall code
Snowfall Example (swf)